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The top of ranking for Axe Sail sails!
Le 18 / 07 / 2018

Axe Sail's sails dominate the top of ranking of the 34th edition of the Tour des Ports de la Manche, which took place from 8 to 13 July 2018. Many were the owners of units, among, the 85 boats engaged in the competition, to wear Axe Sail's sails.


With a 100% French and tailor-made design combining craftsmanship and technology, each sail is made according to the profile of the boat and the navigation program. We’ve attached importance to the selection of premium quality materials to ensure longevity and reliability to our sails. This know-how allows us to design high-performance sails.


In fact, there are many Axe Sail's sails on podiums of the 34th edition of the Tour des Ports de la Manche:


Groupe 1 : 

3ème - Pacha (Centurion 32) - Sails : Dacron Mainsail, PX Black Genoa, PX Balck Solent

5ème - Ti'moun (First 29 GTE) - Sails : Carbon Mainsail and Genoa


Groupe 2:

1er - Axe Sail 2 (Sigma 33) - Sails : PX Black Mainsail, Black Technora TFT Genoa, Spinnaker

2ème - Oirrior (Sigma 33) - Sails : Kevlar/Taffeta Mainsail


Groupe 3 

2ème - Défi voile adaptée (Sun fizz Q) - Sail : Dacron Full Batten Mainsail


Groupe 4

1er - Gwaihir Venturi (Dufour 34) - Sail : Spinnaker

3ème - Club Dinette (X 332) - Sails : Spinnaker and PX Black Solent


Groupe 5 

1er - Axe Sail (J/88) - Sails : Black Technora TFT Mainsail and Genoa, Spinnaker

8ème - Piranha Brothers (J/105) - Sails : Black Technora TI Mainsail and Genoa


For further informations about Axe Sail's sails, click here.

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Full ranking available, by clicking here.

Photos: Laurent Travert


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