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Shrouds, low-shrouds, topmast shrouds, backstay, forestay, bastay…. The maintenance of all these elements should not be forgotten because they are essential to your safety when sailing.


We carry out all our setting works in our workshop. Our cables and cable-ends which we set come from Europe and are made out of the best stainless steel to ensure a quality product.


Our advices !

Don’t forget to check with your insurers that your rigging is covered. Some companies will not insure a rigging which is more than 10 years old.



  • Strand wire 1x19 / and not stranded


  • Dyform cable 1x19
  • Extra-flexible cable 7x16
  • ROD

  A few recommendations for the maintenance of your standing rigging :

Clean the cables and cable-ends at least once a year


Grease the rigging screw cage once or twice a year so that the cage and the threaded terminations don’t seize up 


 Inspect the head of the mast annually to ensure that the axes and pins are in good condition 


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us !  






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