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Standing Rigging



An essential organ


The standing rigging is a fundamental part of your boat. An inadaquate monitoring may have a significant impact on your sailing. Shrouds, stays, backstays, maintenance of these elements shouldn’t be forgotten because they represent a major point in your safety. Contact us to check your rigging, by clicking here.


A Made-to-measure rigging


The setting of your boat is a determining factor which takes into account the type of rigging, your navigation program & your sails. Our team provides a year-round advisory service to guide you in your choices in order that your rigging meets your needs.


Quality and transparency


We carry out our crimping work in our workshop in Cherbourg, in Normandy. Our cables and crimp terminals come from Europe and are designed with the best materials to guarantee a quality, reliable and above all robust service.




Axe Sail supports you in all the stages of your project: installation, maintenance, adjustment, repair, advice. Contact us for more information by clicking here.


Rigging maintaining tips


Remember your insurer about the warranty of your standing rigging. Some of them don’t provide rigging for more than 10 years. Maintain your rigging by cleaning your cables and terminations once a year. Check the mat head every year to take stock of crimps, pins, etc.



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