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Axe Sail, the sailmaker 100% French.


Located at the Chanteryene harbour, based in Cherbourg, Manche, leader in the north-cotentin our sailmakers offers you its services and expertise throughout the year. 

Linked by the common passion for sailing, the Axe Sail team has built its strength and its difference by the perfect control of manufacturing, innovation research, and by the quality of its services. The diversity of its know-how and expertise offers to the sailmaker a unique skill in the field.


The construction of our sails is 100% French – made in Cherbourg !



Whether you are racing or cruising, all of our sails are assembled in our workshops in Cherbourg, under the supervision of Sylvain Eslinge, head of the sailing workshop. Due to his fifteen years’ experience, each sail benefit from special attention to assure reliability and efficiencies. 

The design of our sails unites quality craftsmanship and technology because a good finish and a top-value assembly are not enough on their own to make our sails efficient.






All these elements allow us to better define each of the individual profile of each sail depending on the boat’s planned schedule, its characteristics, and its rigging.


Selecting the right materials is also crucial when designing a sail ! This depends on your program, on your needs and on your support. The choice of materials affects the longevity, the performance, the weight… and also the cost of the sails. We are here to advise you and to offer you solutions specifically suited to you and to your particular requirements. Through one-to-one discussions we ensure your expectations are met ! Do not hesitate to contact us


Our Sail-loft also offers you its services for :
  • The maintenance of your sails and the wintering
  • The replacement or creation of a anti UV strip
  • All types of repairs 
  • Advice


Whether your project involves the world of cruising, traveling or racing, the Axe Sail team will be able to meet all your requirements whatever your needs.


Please find below several of our sails finishes : 

INCIDENCE Service point
Axe Sail - enjoy the wind !


Port Chantereyne

+33 2 33 04 80 50

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