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Descriptif :
That's the new sailboat that everybody was expecting.

Launched in 2011 in Europe, the J 111 became, within a few months, successful. With more than ten or so pre-orders registered before it has even been launched, this new 36 foots one-design could be promising.

About hundred units of this model should navigate worldwide before the end of 2012. Thanks to this infatuation as well as the international Class acknowledgement by ISAF, we were able to develop a one-design regatta program very quickly.

The J 111 is a full array of technologies. It's built with the infusion method SCRIMP reaching the climax in order to bring the best ratio possible weight - stiffness. The mast is made of carbon, the choice of the tube has been optimized in order to obtain the profile that suit the best the boat ; it allows to reduce the weight in top while keeping the best dynamics and technicals features.

The finishing touches are perfect (appendices, rudder with carbon post and the cast iron / lead keel); the standard equipment is slightly oversized and uses the best products on market. That doesn't mean we forgot about the inside with headroom of 1.80 meters, a real chart table and a kitchen with oven as well as a cooler equipped with a refrigeration system.

That's why, it's possible to imagine going for a coastal cruise with family.

Specifications :
Overall length 11 m
Waterline length 9.97 m
Maximum Beam 3.29 m
Draft 2.20 m
Upwind sailing area 70 m²
Displacement 4250 kg
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