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Descriptif :
The J/80, sailboat which has been drawn to be the perfect familial dayboat, is still achieving a great success. Over time and thanks to its simplicity, its strength and its performances, the 8 meters one-design sailboat has become a worldwide reference.

Nowadays, each international event brings together more than 100 boats; even if this owner class level keep getting higher, the event remains user-friendly without neglecting the sports side of it. That's why it's not unusual to meet during an event offshore professional racers or internationally famous Olympic racers.

This model is also very interesting for sailing school: they can teach sailing with a funny spirit while improving the sports side.

Many owners carry on using the J80 according to its first vocation: the dayboat. They can easily navigate with their family and enjoy every attribute of this first rate unit.

Specifications :

Overall length 8.50 m
Hull length 8.00 m
Maximum Beam 2.49 m
Draft 1.50 m
Upwind sailing area 34.50 m²
Asymetric spinnaker area 65 m²
Displacement 1450 kg
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