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Designation : j 99 sport

Tarif : Sur Demande

Descriptif : J99 SPORT SAILBOAT ~ ~UNLEASH YOUR OFFSHORE DESIRES. ~The new J/99 completes the Sport range and aims to satisfy multiple demands. A racer that is intended to be both accessible and high-performance, the J/99 will excite your senses and her very attractive price is bound to appeal! ~ ~AN OFFSHORE SPEEDSTER ACCESSIBLE TO ALL! ~ ~The J/99 will be the perfect boat to fulfil your desires. A racer designed for a shorthanded, coastal or offshore race programme, you値l find a refined sports finish making her interior equally convivial for weekends away with family. ~ ~AN UNRIVALLED EXPERIENCE IN TERMS OF PERFORMANCE ~ ~The J/99 is the fruit of an in-depth study that relies on the J/痴 great wealth of offshore experience. Boasting significant victories and podiums across the major offshore racing circuit (Middle Sea Race / Fastnet Race / Mackinac Race / Armen Race) her architect has relied on the recognised strengths of the existing hulls while introducing even greater versatility, notably with enhanced form stability combined with minimal wetted surface. ~ ~THE SPORTS YACHT WITH GOOD HEADROOM ~ ~The J/99 features a comfortable layout for offshore passage making with perfectly adapted headroom. Her spacious interior comprises two individual and symmetrical aft cabins, enabling you to rest whatever the tack. In addition, her forward heads compartment, L-shaped galley and forward-facing chart table make her highly functional and add to your comfort on the water. ~ ~ONE YACHT, SEVERAL PROGRAMS ~ ~The deck layout on the J/99 has been optimised to facilitate manoeuvres in shorthanded configuration. All the main controls are accessible from the helming station. Several configurations are available: single or twin rudders / bulbed or plain fin keel / symmetric or asymmetric version. Her light displacement combined with substantial stiffness and refined steering will enable you to sail with complete confidence. ~ ~HIGH-QUALITY FOR THE PERFECT COMPROMISE ~ ~Balance is key to developing a new model. The build quality comes into its own in the way everything has been thought out. The lightness of its infused composites linked to the incomparable structural stiffness allows for increased stability and hence performance whilst providing the level of comfort and finish clients have come to expect. ~ ~GEARED AROUND EFFICIENCY ~ ~Considerable thought has gone into the J/99 to offer you a high-performance yacht able to adapt to your needs. In this way, you値l have the option of a vast array of equipment to enable you to optimise your boat accordingly. Furthermore, the rig reflects the latest technological advances, which notably include a dedicated aluminium profile integrating a mixed track contributing to the stiffness of the profile. The removable fixed bowsprit is geared up for increased performance and practicality.

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