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Designation : j 70 sport

Tarif : Sur Demande

Descriptif : The J/70 Speedster is J/Boats' first ramp-launchable keelboat, designed to fulfil the growing need for an accessible, high performance one-design that is exciting to sail, as well as being stable enough for family outings and built to last. The J/70 is a reliable and safe sportsboat. ~ ~Performance is also an integral part of the J/70 concept and its light 795 kg displacement is driven by a 45mē spinnaker, which will delight fans of double figure speeds. ~ ~This sentiment is echoed when sailing upwind, where stability is a guarantee of almost effortless performance. ~ ~Regarding the handling, the J/70 is once again very easy to use, thanks to the lifting keel and the carbon mast stepped on the deck with a hinges system, the owner is able to handle the launching and stepping of the mast alone and in a record time. ~ ~Moreover, at short term, the J/70 is aimed to become an international monotype. The boat is also built across the Atlantic in order to ensure a distribution worldwide. ~ ~Like the J/24 some thirty-five years ago, the J/70 is expected to quickly become a one-design classic accross the globe thanks to its contemporary simplicity. ~ ~Specifications : ~Hull length 6.93 m ~Waterline length 6.24 m ~Maximum Beam 2.25 m ~Draft 1.50 m ~Upwind sailing area 26 mē ~Asymetric spinnaker area 45 mē ~Displacement 795 kg

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